On-line scan repositories

native american heat pot 3d printed replica
Native American “Head Pot” from the Hampson Virtual Museum. replica 3d printed and painted by Shapespeare.


Here is an ongoing list of websites which archive scans of real world objects and locations.  As noted some sites allow download of their data while others do not.  They also vary as to commercial use of their data.  By understanding and following all licensing restrictions we can encourage more sites to allow download of their data.

If you have any to add please comment below.

Site Name URL Is content downloadable?
Lincoln 3d Scans http://lincoln3dscans.co.uk/ Medieval thru 20th century sculptures and artifacts Yes
Smithsonian X 3d http://3d.si.edu/ Scans of artifacts from the Smithsonian collection Yes
Micro Pasts http://micropasts.org/ mostly bronze age axes and spears Some
The Virtual Hampson Museum http://hampson.cast.uark.edu/ Native american pottery Yes
African Fossils http://africanfossils.org/ The name says it all. Lots of early hominid skulls Yes
Macquarie University https://toolbox.ltc.mq.edu.au/3dbeta/library.php Egyptian artifacts No
GB3D Type Fossils http://www.3d-fossils.ac.uk/ Fossils found in the UK. Difficult to navigate unless you know scientific names Yes
NIH 3d Print Exchange http://3dprint.nih.gov/ Mostly medical specimens Yes
Amarna Virtual Museum http://amarna.cast.uark.edu/index.html Egyptian artifacts Yes
VR3d http://vr3d.vn/ Vietnamese traditional sculptures No
3d Icons Ireland http://www.3dicons.ie/ Archaeological and cultural sites and artifacts from Ireland No
Cyark http://www.cyark.org/ Amazing collection of buildings, landmarks and other cultural heritage resources No
SKetchFab http://www.sketchfab.com/ Huge collection user uploaded scans Some
Morpho Source http://morphosource.org/ Mostly homonid bones including the Rising Star Cave finds. Some
A Large Dataset of Object Scans http://redwood-data.org/3dscan/index.html Prime Sense scans of everyday objects. Interestingly they include the video shot during the scan so you can follow the scanner’s movements. Yes
Zamani Project http://www.zamaniproject.org/ Beautiful scans of mostly African and Middle Eastern cultural sites No